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Why The Roig? 

We understand that children with learning differences, such as Dyslexia and Dyscalculia, require teaching styles and methodologies that are not found in a typical classroom.The Roig Academy is among a specialized independent network of schools throughout the world that are designed for students with learning differences.

The Roig Academy is among a specialized independent network of schools throughout the world that are designed for students with learning differences.

Miami’s only IB World Day School (Grades K-8) for Students who Learn Differently.

Grades 6-8

The Roig Academy Day School (Grades K-8) is a private school for learning differences in Miami. We are Miami’s only International Baccalaureate Day school that specializes in understanding and attending to the needs of young minds with learning differences. Our innovative methods, specially trained teachers, and awareness of the advantages and challenges of learning disabilities make our school a valuable resource for students and families. We cater to students with ADDDyslexiaExecutive Function DisorderAuditory Processing DisorderDyscalculia, and Dysgraphia.

A great classroom means more than a small size. 

Our private learning differences school is ideal for children who have had trouble learning in a traditional classroom. For the past 18 years, we have been providing an individualized educational experience for our students. We serve approximately 100 students in Pre-K through the 8th grade on a 2-acre campus in Miami-Dade County. With our student to faculty ratio being 7 to 1, our class sizes range from one-on-one tutorial to ten students. Our common practice of differentiated instruction ensures that our teachers are able to deliver a customized education to each student.

An approach to reading great for all, and even better for the dyslexic student.

Orton–Gillingham focuses on teaching kids to read at the word level. While it can help develop reading comprehension, that is not the program’s primary goal.

This approach uses multiple pathways to help kids learn. For example, students might learn the letter by seeing it, saying its name and sounding it out while writing it with their fingers in shaving cream.

Orton–Gillingham also puts a strong emphasis on understanding the “how” and “why” behind reading. Students may explore why the letter s sounds one way in the word plays, and another way in the word snake. Once they know consistent rules and patterns, they’re better able to decode words on their own.  Our Head of School, Jennifer Roig, M.Ed. is trained at the Associate level from the Orton-Gillingham Academy. Professional development and training by Mrs. Roig of her staff at The Roig Academy are key for all students to receive Orton-Gillingham methods regardless of where a child may find himself/herself in the many stages of reading.

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