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The Roig Academy is among a specialized independent network of schools throughout the world that are designed for students with learning differences.

Why The Roig?

We understand that children with learning differences, such as Dyslexia and Dyscalculia, require teaching styles and methodologies that are not found in a typical classroom.

Lower School

Grades K-5

Our private elementary school comprises students from Kindergarten to 5th grade. Since 2016, The Roig Academy has been a designated International Baccalaureate school that offers the Primary Years Program to our elementary school students starting at age 3 and up until the age of 12. The Primary Years Program is a framework that invites children to explore, inquire, and wonder about the world around them. We ensure that our teaching and learning approaches consider the whole child and support their social, emotional, and academic growth. 

The Roig Academy Approach

Students are immersed in the inquiry cycle as they begin to draw various conclusions about the concepts they are exploring. At The Roig Academy, our mission is to challenge the ideas previously held of “traditional” forms of education and immerse our students in learning opportunities that are relevant, meaningful, and supported by current pedagogy in international education. We endeavor to be leaders in education, and for our students to be leaders in their communities. 

Student-Centered Learning 

At The Roig Academy, we recognize that every child, no matter how young, has a voice that is instrumental in their growth and development. Our students are encouraged to collaborate, share their ideas, and present their discoveries with their peers in a variety of ways that encourage them to communicate their thinking, opinions, and beliefs. We view students as the center of their education and believe that teaching and learning is a shared experience between the student, the teacher, peers, and the learning environment. 

Our lower school students develop a variety of skills that are crucial for their social, emotional, and academic growth. Our aim is for our students to strengthen and master skills, not only related to academic attainment, however, to be citizens of the 21st-century in a rapidly evolving world.

Our students are absent of any diagnoses that identify them as requiring further emotional or behavioral support, including autism.

"You have helped shape Andrea from a little girl, unsure of her gifts and abilities, to a young and confident lady."


Some minds learn differently.

We teach differently.

Parent Voices

Once students understand they can, brilliant things happen.

The Roig Academy is not your average school. It is superior. It is a one on one experience catered to the needs of your child and family. Everyone is taken into consideration as a person not a number in the system. Our experience was one of a kind. My son was diagnosed with a reading and processing disorder and the Roig Family stepped up alongside our family to walk hand and hand through the journey. They made us feel confident that we were not alone. They had not only the tools and the staff to help him but the experience. That was priceless! They use methods of teaching that are proven and new practices are always being evaluated to ensure staying ahead of the curve. Our family has now moved schools as my son graduated and he has been prepared to do so. I recommend The Roig Academy as an option for your child if you are looking for a school.

This school was an absolute blessing. My son’s confidence returned and his gifts & talents soared. After the excellent training that he received from the teachers at Roig, he was able to excel. Jenni and Gus Roig pour their lives and talents into their students. Their approach to learning/teaching should be copied by every school, then every child could succeed & soar!

Our daughter had a wonderful experience at Roig Academy and we have the director, Jenni Roig, and teachers to thank for their support in her academic and personal development. Through Roig’s individual attention and tailored instruction, low student to teacher ratio, and director’s commitment and involvement in the success of each child, our daughter was able to close her academic gaps and practice learning strategies. The director and teachers are always accessible and partner with the child’s family in developing the “whole” (academic, social, emotional) student. More than anything else, our daughter leaves Roig Academy with the self-confidence to face challenges and succeed. Highly recommend.

Sometimes the best experiences happen outside the classroom.


We create Curious Learners.

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