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At The Roig Academy, our mission is to inspire success, risk-taking and growth in each student who attends our private school in Miami. As we endeavor to be leaders in the use of technology, we encourage creative and innovative learning. Today’s students are already technology leaders. They want to take the technology they use in their daily lives and make it a normal part of their classroom experience. Research tells us that if we reflect this in their learning experiences, we will increase engagement which leads to improved student success and learning outcomes. This is why in the spring of 2012, we began our vision for 21st Century teaching and learning, with the iPad and Apple TV. Today it flourishes with use of Google’s G Suite for Education Platform as well as Chromebooks. If you are looking for a private school opportunity where technology is seamlessly integrated into the classroom, consider the Roig.


In the Pre-School, TVs are strategically placed to provide the most engaging learning experience for students. Televisions are placed by the rug where circle time is done, all on Apple TV & iPad. Parents are also kept updated with the Learning Genie App.

Lower & Upper School

After many years of researching and piloting devices, such as the Amazon Kindle, Microsoft Surface, Chromebook and iPad in our classrooms, we have chosen devices that we feel best meet our students needs. Our Lower School students are equipped with an in-school iPad 1:1 Program, which exposes them to the G Suite by Google as well as IxL for Math & English. In the Upper School, we have implemented a 1:1 Program with the Google Chromebook. This device allows for our students to collaborate with each other, fostering a 21st century leaner. These devices are strictly monitored and content filtered, for both in-school and out of school use.

Interactive Whiteboard Displays, along with Apple TV’s, are located in our classrooms, allowing for interactive content to engage our 21st Century Leaners.


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Next Steps

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With advice guided by the CDC, Department of Health, and Education, we have redesigned our classrooms for the age of social distancing.

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