Meet Leo

Leo Roig

Therapy Dog in Training

As part of our commitment to providing a supportive learning environment, we are pleased to introduce our newest team member, Leo Roig, a standard poodle.

Leo is currently undergoing training to be our school’s therapy dog.  Training for Leo includes regular visits and exposure to our school and students. You or your children may have seen him walking around campus alongside Mr. Gus or me. Our goal for Leo at The Roig Academy is to be available to provide comfort, attention, and some extra TLC to our school community.

Research supports that the presence of a therapy dog in a school setting has numerous benefits, such as improved reading skills: therapy dogs can be used as “reading buddies” to help children improve their reading skills and confidence. Increased motivation and engagement: having a therapy dog in the classroom can increase students’ motivation and engagement in learning activities. Emotional support: therapy dogs can help reduce stress and anxiety in students and provide a sense of comfort and security.

Leo will always be under the supervision of a designated person. To ensure the safety of all, students and staff who wish to interact with Leo will be educated on proper protocols.

We are confident that this initiative will have a positive impact on our school community, and we are excited to welcome Leo to our school.

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