Meet Leo

Meet Leo. The Therapy Dog at The Roig Academy

Leo Roig

Therapy Dog

As part of our commitment to providing a supportive learning environment, we are pleased to introduce our newest team member, Leo Roig, a standard poodle.

Leo is our school’s therapy dog.  His presence is seamlessly integrated into many aspects of the school’s routines and activities. From lending a “paw” of emotional support during designated sessions, Leo’s presence provides a sense of security and comfort, helping to improve students’ attitudes about learning while reducing anxiety. 

His fluffy ears perk up as he listens intently to students reading aloud, and with an enthusiastic wag of his tail, he can bring about positive emotional responses – all of which contribute to the supportive environment The Roig Academy is dedicated to fostering.

Leo has many important jobs on campus. He loves to play catch, join in on school assemblies, and attend parent-teacher conferences, but his favorite part of the day is during carpool duty when get gets to greet Roig students.

Leo is lovingly cared for by the heads of the school, Mr. Gus and Mrs. Jenni Roig, who, along with this gentle giant, have undergone rigorous training. While on campus, Leo is always under the supervision of a designated person to ensure everyone’s safety-including his. 

Check Out Leo’s Feature in Private Schools Guide 

Discover the heartwarming story of Leo, the therapy dog at The Roig Academy, featured in Private Schools Guide. As a trained therapy dog, Leo plays a crucial role at our school, participating in classroom activities, providing emotional support, and bringing joy during carpool duty. His presence enhances learning, reduces anxiety, and fosters a positive environment. Learn more about how Leo, under the loving care of Mr. Gus and Mrs. Jenni Roig, positively impacts our community in this touching article. We invite all Roig families to read and share Leo’s story!

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