The Roig Academy Has Been Re-accredited as an IB School

The Roig Academy, a private school in Miami, FL for students with learning differences was recently reaccredited as an IB School, making it the only IB School for students with Dyslexia in the United States of America. 

Miami, Florida  – The Roig Academy, a private school in Miami, FL for students with learning differences was recently reaccredited with the The International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme. The IB Programme strives to develop students who will build a better world through intercultural understand and respect, and encourages students to think critically and challenge assumptions while considering both local and global contexts. 

Jenni Roig, the Head of School, at The Roig Academy had this to say about the re-accrediation. 

“While being cognizant of the innate gifts dyslexics have, such as big picture thinking, making connections, creativity, and critical thinking, the International Baccalaureate (IB) program and its principles aid in continuing to develop these strengths for our students at The Roig Academy.”


Through the IB Programme Roig Academy students will be able to take responsibility for their own learning. Students will be encouraged to try difference approaches to learning and take responsibility for their own education process. This unique approach helps students to ask challenging questions, think critically, and develop research skills that help them in higher education. Setting them up for a life of success! To learn more about the IB Programme and The Roig Academy please visit our website: 

About The Roig Academy 

At The Roig Academy, we empower, nurture, and promote student achievement in a learning environment where children feel comfortable taking risks in order to inquire, explore and reflect upon their learning. The ROIG approach (Reflect, Observe, Inquire and Grow) encourages our students to develop the necessary skills that allow them to be successful learners in our global community. Through the facilitation of this approach at our school in Miami, our students are able to grow both personally and socially, developing 21st-century skills such as collaboration, cooperation, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and creative and critical thinking. To learn more about our private school for students with learning differences please visit our website today! 


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