Private Bilingual Preschool in Miami

For Students Age 4.

A Neighborhood IB Bilingual Preschool for Students Age 4

Private Bi-lingual Preschool in Miami, FL

Welcome to The Roig Academy Preschool

In today’s interconnected world, a strong foundation in language and cultural understanding is essential. Our PreK 4 bilingual IB Preschool in Miami, FL offers a unique learning environment that combines the best of both worlds – a rigorous and engaging curriculum with a language-rich atmosphere to empower your child’s development.


Welcome to the beginning of your child’s educational journey. 

The main features of our PreK-4 Bilingual Preschool in Miami, FL

IB Prorgram
Bilingual Education

Our program provides an immersive bilingual experience, allowing children to develop fluency in two languages-English and Spanish. This not only helps them excel academically but also opens doors to a wealth of future opportunities.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

As an authorized IB World School for 11 years, our PreK-4 program follows the prestigious IB Primary Years Programme (PYP), which emphasizes inquiry-based learning, critical thinking, and global citizenship.

Language-rich Environment

Our experienced educators create a nurturing and stimulating environment where children are encouraged to communicate, explore, and learn in both languages. This helps them develop strong language skills. 

Individualized Learning

We believe that every child is unique, and our program is designed to cater to individual needs, ensuring that each student reaches their full potential.

Supportive Community

Our diverse community of educators, parents, and students fosters a strong sense of belonging, making our program an ideal place for children to grow and thrive.

Unlock Your Child’s Potential with Our PreK 4 Bilingual IB Program

Give your child the gift of bilingualism and set the stage for a lifetime of success. Our PreK 4 bilingual IB program not only provides a strong academic foundation but also nurtures essential life skills, helping your child become a confident, compassionate, and curious global citizen.

The applicant must be free from a diagnosis of intellectual, behavioral or emotional disorder and autism. As The Roig Academy is not specialized to support these diagnoses. All students must be age 4 on or before September 1st. 

The Roig Academy offers an International Baccalaureate Preschool for children in PreK-4 with a focus on supporting students to acquire important learning skills for the 21st century. By nurturing students in a balanced, hands-on, student-centered environment, they become risk-takers, inquirers, reflective and open-minded learners.

Private Preschool in Miami, FL

A bilingual education begins at age 4.

Our curriculum is designed to be delivered in a fully bilingual (Spanish) environment where the student is at the center. Through the use of current best practices in preschool education, including a language-rich learning environment, we guide students in their learning journey by supporting and strengthening literacy and numeracy skills. Alongside strengthening fine motor and gross motor skills, our bilingual students are immersed in a language and literacy-rich environment setting the foundation for Kindergarten readiness.

At The Roig Academy, your child will engage in a learning environment that promotes their intellectual, physical, and emotional wellness and prepares them to be lifelong learners in our global community.

“My son just graduated from The Roig Academy and after 3 years, it is so sad having to say goodbye. Thanks to the great teachers and administration, Andres is more than prepared for Kindergarten. We will miss you all but look forwared to seeing you again soon. Definitely, enrolling my newborn daughter when it’s time for her to start preschool. The Roig family provided an amazing and unforgettable experience for us!” 

– S.D. Parent

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An approach that teaches the whole child.

Welcome to The Roig Approach.

At The Roig Academy, our staff teaches the whole child by engaging in ongoing teacher collaboration and use differentiated instructional techniques that are supported by current and best practices in teaching and learning. These various teaching strategies allow us to foster the development of the whole child encompassing social, physical, emotional and cultural needs as well as academic welfare.

At The Roig Academy, each child’s academic welfare is nurtured in a supportive learning community. Individualized academic goals which address areas of interest and academic strengths and needs are regularly monitored and assessed with input from our multidisciplinary team, which includes the child.

Although our admissions process is on a rolling basis, some sections may be closed. Please contact admissions at 305.235.1313 to verify availability.

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