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We all know about The Summer Slide.

At The Roig, it doesn't happen.

The Summer Slide

Something is waiting for many children each summer, and their parents don’t even know it’s out there — the “summer slide.” Summer slide is what happens when young minds sit idle for three months.

As parents approach the summer break, many are thinking about vacation, how to keep children engaged, schedule changes and how to juggle it all. What they might not be focusing on is the educational ground their children could lose during the three-month break.

Two different experiences.

One individualized approach.

 Camp Roig | Ages 2-4

Camp Roig has been carefully planned to provide preschool-age children with a fun learning curriculum incorporating pre-reading, pre-math, fine-motor, gross-motor, sensory-related, and story-related activities. The Camp is designed to be delivered in a fully bilingual (Spanish), environment where the student is at the center. Make it an unforgettable experience where your child will be reeled into a thematically inspired program including water days, technology, and cooking.


Fast ForWord | Grades K-5

The Roig Approach is an individualized multisensory method that integrates the Orton-Gillingham Approach throughout all lessons. The Fast ForWord Program develops and strengthens memory, attention, processing rate, and sequencing - the cognitive skills essential for reading.  Teachers on staff at The Roig Academy are trained in multisensory, structured language and literacy techniques. Fast ForWord is based on the science of how the brain learns and retains information. It utilizes the principles of neuroscience to exercise and develop the brain's processing efficiency, essential for academic learning and reading success. 

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Guidance Related to COVID-19

The Roig Academy campus will be closed beginning on Monday, March 16th. Our educational continuity programs will also begin on Monday.

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