Summer at Roig

Advance your child’s reading and literacy skills this summer at The Roig Academy through 1:1 tutoring sessions.

With instructional strategies supported by decades of reading research, our individualized tutoring sessions aim to advance students’ literacy skills. Students are taught using the Orton-Gillingham approach, also known as Structured Literacy. Lessons include multisensory instruction, explicit teaching methods, and systematic instruction. Through this approach, we guide every student toward mastery of foundational reading and comprehension skills.

Summer at Roig!

Summer Tutoring Programs

June 17th – July 26th

This program consists of pre and post-assessments, as well as a parent feedback session.


60 minute 1hr session (1:1) $85/ hour


The Summer Slide- What Every Parent Needs to Know

Students can return to school in the fall at least a month behind, on average, where they were in the spring, but high-quality summer programs can help combat this summer learning loss, finds a report released by the RAND Corp.

“Making Summer Count: How Summer Programs Can Boost Children’s Learning” is the first comprehensive evaluation of past studies and new research on summer learning loss and summer programs for K-8 students. The research, supported by
The Wallace Foundation, offers findings on the nature of summer learning loss and its disproportionate impact on low-income students (particularly in reading), characteristics of successful summer programs that can combat the summer slide, and suggestions for districts that want to implement summer programs but have funding barriers that make implementation a challenge.

Keeping Kids off the Summer Slide

Something is waiting for many children each summer and their parents, don’t even know it’s out there. It’s called the “summer slide” and it describes what happens when young minds sit idle for three months. As parents approach the summer break, many are thinking about the family vacation, trips to the pool, how to keep children engaged in activities at home, the abrupt changes to everyone’s schedule-and how to juggle it all. What they might not be focusing on is how much educational ground their children could lose during the three-month break from school, particularly when it comes to reading.
Experts agree that children who read during the summer gain reading skills, while those who do not often slide backward. According to the authors of a report from the National Summer Learning Association: “A conservative estimate of lost instructional time is approximately two months or roughly 22 percent of the school year. It’s common for teachers to spend at least a month re-teaching material that students have forgotten over the summer. That month of re-teaching eliminates a month that could have been spent on teaching new information and skills.”

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