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The COVID-19 Academic Slide: Potential Learning Loss During a Prolonged Break from the Classroom

Education experts have long known that during a prolonged break from formal instruction some students will experience what is known as seasonal learning loss (also known as the “summer slide”). Now, as schools close in response to the pandemic, education experts have begun to investigate whether this year’s loss of formal classroom instruction time will cause even greater learning losses for students. 

One School. Two Different Programs.

Two different experiences.

One individualized approach.

 Camp Roig | Ages 2-4

Camp Roig has been designed to be delivered in a fully bilingual (Spanish), environment where the student is at the center. We assist students on their learning journey by supporting and strengthening introductory literacy and numeracy skills. Along with incorporating fine motor and gross motor activities, students are engaged in a sensory-rich learning environment. 


Fast ForWord | Grades K-5

The Roig Approach is an individualized multisensory method that integrates the Orton-Gillingham Approach throughout all lessons. The Fast ForWord Program develops and strengthens memoryattention, processing rate, and sequencing - the cognitive skills essential for reading. The strengthening of these skills results in a wide range of improved critical language and reading skills. Teachers on staff at The Roig Academy are trained in multisensory, structured language, and literacy techniques. Due to COVID-19, The Roig Academy is offering this program in a remote environment over Zoom.

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