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Student Life Only at Roig

At The Roig Academy learning extends beyond the classroom. Students at The Roig Academy are encouraged to reach their full potential. As part of their individual experience, each student is encouraged to discover and explore their unique dyslexic strengths. 

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Signature School Events


students holding their art work of wooden silhouette

“Ourselves” Art Installation

As we explore one of the IB Transdisciplinary Themes “How We Express Ourselves,” students are inquiring into ways to express their feelings, ideas, values, and beliefs in ways that demonstrate their appreciation for the world around them.

Students were encouraged to reflect and represent a pose which best represents their uniqueness and individuality. Poses depict a wide range of self-expression and nonverbal communication. The vibrant colors communicate a variety of moods, emotions, and feelings, all of which help our students understand themselves, and appreciate others.

The World Cardboard Regatta

The World Cardboard Regatta project is the culmination of our students’ work. We have been able to bring life and meaning to many aspects of History, Geography, Science.

While in their groups, students have engaged in the inquiry process in order to explore, research and report on their individualized summative projects. We have facilitated opportunities for students to come together in mixed grade levels to, share their ideas, conclusions, and problem solve for The Roig Academy World Cardboard Regatta.

girl rowing a cardboard boat with parent behind her
students holding their art work of wooden silhouette

Our Sky of Gratitude

The Roig Academy students have replicated the Luxembourg Swings Art Installation to bring that sense of happiness to our school on this Thanksgiving Celebration. This art installation also includes a message of gratitude through a painting or poem.

The importance of showing gratitude comes from the actual definition of gratitude. It is an affirmation of goodness. We affirm that there are good things in the world, gift, and benefits we’ve received. When we look at life as a whole, gratitude encourages us to identify some goodness in our life.

“Jenni set forth realistic goals for our boys and monitored their progress from beginning to end.”

– W.C. Parent

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