Children with learning disabilities have the potential of being successful in their studies and career when exposed to appropriate teaching styles and methodologies. Many public, charter, and private schools in Miami specialize in providing education and services for a range of special needs ranging from dyslexia and ADD to ADHD and Executive Function Disorder. If you’ve been looking for a “dyslexia school” or a school for children with ADHD or another learning difference, read on. 

Schools For Children With Learning Disabilities In Miami

The Roig Academy

The Roig Academy Day School is Miami’s only International Baccalaureate day school concentrating in understanding and attending to the needs of children with learning differences. The Roig Academy caters to students with ADD, Dyslexia, Executive Function Disorder, Auditory Processing Disorder, Dyscalculia, and Dysgraphia, among other learning differences.

Located on the outskirts of Pinecrest, Florida, The Roig Academy serves approximately 100 students in Pre-School (ages 2–4) and Day School (Grades K–8). Roig prides itself on small classrooms with a student-teacher ratio of 7:1. Enrollment at our private school for learning disabilities is available year-round, including summer programs.

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“The Roig approach; Reflect, Observe, Inquire and Grow (ROIG), encourages our students to develop the necessary skills that allow them to be successful learners in our global community.”

The following is a list of a few other schools for children with learning disabilities in Miami that support a wide range of learning differences:

Atlantis Academy, Miami

Atlantis has offered individually tailored education to children with special needs and disabilities as part of ChanceLight Behavioral Health & Education. Expectations and socialization skills at this learning disability school are unique for each student. The school accepts students ranging from Grades K–12.

“Atlantis Academy Miami provides a safe, nurturing environment to enhance our students’ academic, social and emotional development, and to foster a sense of self-worth and self-confidence.”

Fusion Academy

Fusion Academy focuses on forming strong, positive relationships between teachers and students in order to unravel academic potential. To accomplish this, Fusion offers an outstanding 1:1 student-teacher ratio at their learning differences school, thus strengthening the connection between the educator and the child.

“Imagine a classroom where just one student and one teacher form a positive relationship before learning begins. Fusion Academy is a private middle and high school that unlocks social, emotional, and academic growth in every kid.”

Gulliver Schools

Since its foundation in 1926, Gulliver has been recognized as a distinguished educational institution. This college preparatory school offers a range of programs and a small student to teacher ratio to meet the needs of children with learning disabilities. Gulliver accepts students in grades PreK3-12 across four campuses in Miami, Florida.

“To create an academic community devoted to educational excellence, with a personal touch, that fulfills each student’s potential.”

Highpoint Academy

Highpoint Academy has been one of Florida’s most prestigious private schools that supports students with learning disabilities since its establishment in 1976. The Coral Way Campus caters to children with learning differences such as ADHD and learning deficits.

“Our students are encouraged to be leaders, innovators, explorers, and creators and to excel by reaching or exceeding their potential. We focus on making sure that each child is happy and that they grow up to be responsible, ethical and successful adults of tomorrow.”


McGlannan is a research-based private school for children with learning disabilities that caters to students with Dyslexia, ADHD, and other learning differences in first through eighth grade. The school conducts testing and diagnosis of physiologically based learning differences to design a teaching method appropriate for each child.

“Our goal is to prepare the child to successfully mainstream  at the appropriate time while fostering self­ esteem and maximizing academic potential.”

Vanguard School

The Vanguard School specializes in students with learning disabilities such as ADHD. Vanguard’s staff consists of professionals with experience in working with children with special needs, offering an individualized approach in the classroom at this school for learning disabilities. Each group caters to a maximum of ten students, where they can work at their own pace.

The Vanguard School of Coconut Grove is a non-profit, clinical school offering an individualized program for students with learning difficulties and/or attention deficit disorder.”

If you are looking for a school for learning disabilities in Miami such as Dyslexia or ADHD, you have a lot of amazing options. The Roig Academy is one of a few prestegious options and we would love the opportunity to show you why we might be a great choice for your child.

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