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Grades PreK2-8th

The ROIG Approach places your child under a magnifying glass to adopt an environment that creates a catalyst for learning.

At no more than 10 to 12 children per class, your child is guaranteed to receive individualized attention.

There is no such thing as two identical Roig students. Each student at Roig is unique and special.


Head of School

Jennifer C. Roig M.Ed

Success Stories

My daughter has attended Roig Academy for 3 years. The school has offered an individualized program that has allowed her to advance academically and boost her self confidence. This school, including the administration and teachers are very hands on, and offer a nurturing environment. They bring an element of fun to learning, and always go the extra mile to accommodate and help each child to ensure their education and happiness. The director is very knowledgeable and excellent at formulating goals and a plan to achieve them. This school has a true sense of community and teaches tolerance and empathy. I am proud to be a part of the Roig family! Thank you Jenni for helping my daughter realize her potential!



Juan Carlos and I feel so blessed that we stumbled upon the gem that is The Roig Academy. We have been amazed at the progress the boys have made and although we’re excited to see them spread their wings and fly we will miss the wonderful, amazing teachers and staff very much!  This Is a very special school because of the wonderful and bright children you help them become!

Thank You from the bottom of our hearts!

Alisa & JC


The Roig Academy has been a part of my family for the past two years. My third child, Tommy, has enjoyed two years of love, kindness, challenge and exceptional development.  I have never seen a kid so happy to go to school on a daily basis!  It is clearly evident, from when you first enter the campus, that this school is simply an extension of the Roigs own family.  It is a perfect blend of educational expectations and warm fuzzies.  The staff is patient, loving and professional. As an educator in Dade County Schools for 13 years, I know what values are important to parents when it comes to their children’s' care and development.  The Roig Academy exemplifies the nurturing environment that all children should have in their young lives.

Monica Avalos

National Board Certified Teacher-Miami Dade


My 14 yr old Son attended The Roig Academy from 2006-2008 and it was the best thing we did for him. My Son went to TRA after failing the 6th grade.  He went from Ds and Fs to straight As.  But more importantly his increased love for learning and the confidence he gained is proof of the excellent program available at TRA.   I appreciate the abundance of time dedicated to us by the teachers, the staff and the director, disproportionate to any other school he’s attended. Their willingness to nurture each and every student created a wonderful and safe environment for the kids. He has since been accepted in Miami Christian with honors. Thank you for your tremendous learning program and for making us part of TRA family. You will forever be the cornerstone of his educational journey.



I feel so blessed to have fallen in your path. Words cannot describe what you have done for Matthew and our family. I cannot believe the change that you have made in Matthew's entire disposition towards school. The Roig Academy is truly a place where children grow in many ways. I know that he will now enter Columbus with a greater sense of positive self-esteem because of his newfound academic success.



Our son, Matthew, faces a variety of educational challenges from Auditory Processing and Dyslexia. Prior to coming to the Roig Academy, Matthew has attended several excellent schools renowned for their outstanding education and for their ability to work with help students with Matthew's educational challenges. In the year-and-a-half that Matthew has been at the Roig Academy, he has made greater progress than we could ever have hoped for. Matthew has come up approximately three grade levels and there does not seem to be any ceiling on his potential with the instruction he receives at The Roig Academy.

Stone Family

A leader and true visionary in the field of Special Education, Mrs. Jennifer Roig founded

the Roig Academy in the hopes of creating a learning environment where all children feel

safe, respected, and loved. As Head of School, she understands that all children,

whether pre-school or school age, should be allowed to think and reason using their own

special gifts and talents.


As a partner in the education of children, Jennifer wants her students, parents, and educators to have a special responsibility and joy as they discover, recognize, and capitalize on the individual strengths and learning styles of all the children that enter the doors of the Roig Academy.


In 2000, she founded the Roig Academy After School Tutoring Program. The success of the first program lead to the expansion of a second center in Key Biscayne. In 2002, Mrs. Jennifer Roig launched a Clinical Day School program for children who had experienced difficulty learning in a more crowded transitional classroom, where individualized attention was not easily achieved.


In 2006, her vision to meet the needs of the community continued to grow as she expanded her academy to include Early Childhood Education. The Roig Academy Preschool provides typically developing children ages 2 through Kindergarten with a safe, loving, nurturing environment and a well rounded curriculum designed to prepare its students for the elementary school years.


Mrs. Roig holds an M.S. in Emotional Behavior Disorders and Learning Disabilities from the University of Miami, as well as a B.S. in Developmental Delays from Nova Southeastern University. Her continuing education studies include; work with Neuro-Linguistic Psychology, Neuroplasticity, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Her commitment to help those in need is demonstrated by her active participation within the community and involvement with several professional associations such as The Learning Disabilities Association of America, Council for Exceptional Children, International Dyslexia Association, Southern Early Childhood Association, Florida Association for Child Care Management and formerly served as a board member for The Miami Children’s Museum Educational Task Force.



At the Roig Academy, we empower, enrich, and celebrate students in a nurturing environment, where children feel safe to express themselves and Recognize their Ongoing Individual Growth (ROIG). This confidence paired with our educators’ teaching methodologies prompt our students’ readiness and willingness to learn and flourish.


Our approach is unique because it encompasses all forms of sensory learning including visual, auditory, interactive, and other unique teaching strategies that can be maximized in an intimate environment of no more than 10 students per class. By lovingly looking at every child under a magnifying glass, we adopt a full circle approach that creates a catalyst for learning. At the Roig Academy, each child’s unique emotional, social, academic, physical and developmental needs are being carefully observed and addressed. Learning about each individual’s distinctive facets allows us the opportunity to capitalize on their strengths and focus on areas of weakness.

The Roig Approach

Creating a full circle learning approach for your child.

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