Summer is almost here! For many parents, that means arranging summer care for their children and worrying about their children experiencing “summer brain drain,” a phenomenon where their children seem to regress in their educational progress due to a lack of structure and educational instruction over summer break.

The best way to keep kids occupied during the summer and beat the brain drain is to enroll them in an educational summer camp.

At the Roig, we are thrilled to provide two outstanding summer camps for children in Miami. Like all summer camps, we have a huge emphasis on fun! But we also ensure that we are creating a safe environment where students can continue to grow their academic skill set. Learn about our two summer programs below!

Bilingual Camp Roig

Ages 2-5

June 10th – August 5th

The critical period for children learning and absorbing a second language is between birth and about six years old. During this window, children are more adept at learning a second language as their communication skills are in full developmental swing. Essentially, their brains are wired to be learning language at this age, so it is the best time for them to learn and absorb more than one language.

At Camp Roig, we offer a fully Spanish-English bilingual summer program for preschool-aged children. And while the camp will be full of fun summer activities, it is also heavily infused with a pre-reading and pre-math curriculum to prepare students for the upcoming school year. Children will also have opportunities to develop their motor skills as well as important social skills that will follow them through life. With water days, technology, cooking, and other fun activities, your child will be having so much fun, they won’t even realize how much the camp is benefitting their cognitive function.

Fast ForWord

Grades K-5

June 17th – July 26th

Must complete registration and evaluation by May 24th

For older students, we offer our Fast ForWord reading camp! Using the ROIG approach (Reflect, Observe, Inquire, and Grow), students are introduced to a multisensory method in all lessons. One of the first skills to drain during the summer is reading. When students read on their own outside of school, they might find it difficult to process the books without the help of their teachers. This can make reading seem boring or difficult. The Fast ForWord program is designed to help students avoid negative feelings about reading while also advancing their reading skill set. This Miami reading summer camp can help students strengthen their memory, attention to detail, processing rate, and sequencing skills, all of which are essential to reading.

Fast ForWord is carefully designed to encourage the cognitive development of reading skills and is based on scientific research about how the brain processes information, especially information in written form. Your children will essentially spend the six-week program exercising their reading muscles!

If you think that your child won’t enjoy a reading camp or isn’t ‘advanced’ enough to attend, don’t worry. At the Roig, we tailor lessons to meet the individual needs of each and every student so that every child has the chance to move forward. Because The Roig Academy is a private school for ADHD, dyslexia, and other learning differences, we understand the challenges that students might face when learning how to read. This means that we have the tools, experience, and passion to encourage reading skills in students at any level.

If you are interested in registering your child for our Miami summer reading program, be sure to do so soon as spots fill up quickly!

We Provide Individualized Education Year-Round

If your child learns differently, placing them in an environment that can cater to their individualized learning styles may be ideal. At The Roig, we offer more than just small class sizes. Our staff is passionate about ensuring each and every child experiences the individualized attention and instruction that they need to succeed, regardless of how they learn best.

That individualized attention shouldn’t stop during the summer. At our summer camps for preschoolers and elementary school-aged children, we continue to provide a structured, fun, and academic environment throughout the summer months so they can avoid the dreaded “brain drain” and return to the following school year ready for success.
Reach out today if you have any questions about enrolling your child in our Miami summer camp programs!

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