At The Roig Academy, we are more than just a school with small class sizes. We are a private school in Miami that offers individualized instruction, an IB curriculum, and our very own approach to learning: ROIG. Developed by our Head of School, Jennifer Roig, the ROIG approach stands for: reflect, observe, inquire, and grow. Like the International Baccalaureate curriculum, the ROIG approach takes learning beyond the classroom and encourages students to think about their education outside of the constraints of the classroom. 

Keep reading below to learn how our students can benefit from the ROIG approach, and reach out today to begin the enrollment process if you think The Roig Acadeymy is the right environment for your child. 


When students reflect on their learning, they are able to see how what they learn might connect to themselves. Reflecting involves looking back, rather than forward. Students should be able to look back at a lesson or piece of text and identify what they have learned as well as identify areas of weakness. 


Through observing, students are able to make connections between what we do in the classroom and the world around them. They can also learn by example and apply new skills to their own lives. 


One of the major components of the IB Programme is that it aims to make students inquirers. We never want students to be afraid to ask questions and hunt for answers. When students inquire about their learning, they are able to dive more deeply into subjects in a way that interests them, creating a love of learning and knowledge acquisition. 


Finally, we approach learning as a means for children (and adults) to grow. We want students to become confident in their learning and grow in their compassion. Additionally, we encourage a growth mindset that creates lifelong learners who will continue to gain insight into the world around them well beyond their school years. 

Choose The Roig Academy For Your Child

At The Roig Academy, we teach the whole child and focus on their social, physical, emotional, and cultural needs in addition to their standard curriculum. This helps give them the tools they need to be global citizens who demonstrate independence, critical thinking skills, and compassion. 

If you want your child to experience the ROIG approach, then we invite you to reach out to our private school and inquire about enrollment. Experience The Roig Academy difference today!


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