Tutoring provides your child with one-on-one learning assistance that can enhance their overall educational experience in many ways. But for your child to get the most benefit from tutoring, it helps to choose the type of tutoring that best suits their needs. A tutor may help your student improve their study skills, get caught up on their studies in a single topic, or help them prepare for milestone tests such as the PSAT. If your child has a learning challenge, a specially trained tutor can assist them with their studies and teach them methods of adapting to their school’s learning environment.

Which type of tutoring is the right choice for your child? We’ve put together this list of common tutoring types to help you choose.


5 Types of Tutors for Your Curious Learner:

  • Maintenance.

General education or maintenance tutors can help your child improve or maintain their grades and in-class performance. They may help your child develop good homework and study practices, provide guidance on assignments, and supplement your child’s in-school learning by explaining challenging concepts. If your child struggles with organizing their school work, a maintenance tutor can help prevent them from falling behind in their coursework.

  • Single-subject.

Subject matter or enrichment tutors can help your child develop competency in a specific school subject or expand their learning in a specific area of interest. Not every student learns every subject at the same pace. A child who performs at grade level in one subject area may lag in another. Enlisting a tutor to assist your child in those subject areas where he or she struggles can prevent those subjects from becoming a source of distress and distraction.

If your child is gifted, he or she may need a more challenging curriculum than your school is able to provide. Other students require supplemental instruction to fuel their interest in specialized fields such as music, art, or robotics. For twice-exceptional children, an enrichment tutor can enhance their love of learning and boost their self-esteem by allowing them to flex their strengths.

  • Test prep.

Test prep tutors will help your child prepare for a special exam or test and teach them general test-taking skills. These tutors understand the ins and outs of the tests for which they offer tutoring services and can also provide tips for overcoming test anxiety.

  • Intervention and Specialized

Intervention and remediation tutors provide specialized guidance to help your child address learning and skills gaps while accommodating their learning challenges. Remediation, special education, or learning challenges tutor will specialize in teaching children with one or more types of learning difficulties and will use specialized techniques to help your child manage specific learning challenges.

Both intervention and remediation tutoring use specific instructional techniques that address the specific needs of the student, helping them overcome difficulties and develop coping techniques that they can apply in school.

For example, if your child has dyslexia, you might select a tutor trained in instruction using the Orton-Gillingham approach. Your child’s specialized tutor will often use a multi-sensory instructional approach, manipulatives, and/or games designed to help your child manage learning obstacles and make academic gains.

  • Support.

Support tutors are beneficial for students who need to address specific learning gaps or challenges while staying on track with their existing course load. Once a student approaches grade level through remediation tutoring, a support tutor can provide ongoing assistance. Your child’s support tutor can provide specialized instruction that addresses your child’s learning differences but will also help them with homework and study skills aimed at maintaining their grade level performance.

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