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February 23, 2017 Jennifer C. Roig M.Ed

Is The Roig Academy The Right Fit For Your Child?

Finding the right fit for your child is critical. That is why finding the right school for him or her is one of the most important decisions that you can make. Parents often ask us what makes the educational environment right for their child. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about The Roig Academy- an independent school in Florida.

What is The Roig Academy?

The Roig Academy is a private school in Florida that provides an educational environment for students with a variety of learning strengths and areas of need. We focus on a hands-on approach to teaching and learning. At The Roig Academy, your child will engage in a learning environment that promotes their intellectual, physical and emotional wellness. We pride ourselves on preparing students to be lifelong learners in a global community.

What is the Roig Approach?

The Roig approach; Reflect, Observe, Inquire, and Grow (ROIG), encourages our students to develop the necessary skills that allow them to be successful learners in a rapidly changing world. Through the facilitation of this approach, our students grow into confident, critical thinkers who are ready to face many challenges present in the 21st century. Students develop important skills such as; collaboration, cooperation, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and creative and critical thinking. It is these skills that will help navigate the world around them.


How is the Roig Approach unique?

The Roig Approach is unique in its commitment to bringing a global emphasis to our core curriculum. Our staff teaches to the whole child by engaging in ongoing teacher collaboration. Additionally, we use and a variety of differentiated instructional techniques. The current and best practices in teaching and learning support these techniques. It is precisely these teaching strategies that allow us to foster the development of the whole child- encompassing social, physical, emotional, and cultural needs.

Who is the head of the school?

Mrs. Jennifer Roig founded The Roig Academy in the hopes of creating a learning environment where all children feel safe, respected, and loved.  Mrs. Roig has a B.S. in Developmental Delays from Nova Southeastern University. Additionally, Mrs. Roig holds an M.S. in Emotional Behavior Disorders and Learning Disabilities from the University of Miami. Click here to learn more about Mrs. Jennifer  Roig.

What is the size of Roig Academy?

The Roig Academy has approximately 100 students in Pre-K through 8th grade. We offer small class sizes, our student to faculty ratio is 7 to 1. Our class sizes range in size from a one to one ratio for students who need more intensive academic support to ten students. As a result of our small class sizes, our teachers are able to deliver a customized education to each student. They are able to develop educational plans that promote greater learning outcomes.

What is the Pre-School like at The Roig Academy?

The Roig Academy offers a preschool program for children in PreK2-4. We focus on supporting students to acquire important learning skills for the 21st century in a student-centered environment. Our curriculum is designed to be delivered in a fully bilingual (Spanish) environment. Through the use of current best practices in preschool education, we assist students by engaging them in a learning journey. A journey that supports the learning and strengthening of introductory literacy and numeracy skills. In addition to incorporating activities that enhance both fine and gross motor skills, students are engaged in a sensory-rich learning environment.

As we strongly believe that ongoing communication is crucial to our learning environment,  The Roig Academy is happy to be a certified HiMama Provider for our families. Through this app, we can easily capture and share your child’s development and day to day highlights. Frequent updates are shared through photos and stories.


What is the day school like at The Roig?

The Roig Academy day school creates a community of learners for children from Kindergarten through 8th grade. Students at The Roig Academy are independent, academically focused and curious learners. Some students may require additional support in the areas of academic advancement such as ADHD Gifted and/or a language based learning disability i.e. Dyslexia. As a result, individualized academic goals are regularly monitored and assessed with input from our multidisciplinary team- which includes the child.

How do I apply for The Roig Academy?

The Roig Academy accepts applications within an open enrollment model. First, our admissions team looks at each application, reviews the needs of the child and determines whether it is the best fit. Then, applicants are placed into one of three categories: accept, waitlist, or deny. The process of admission is designed to decide if your child and family are a fit for The Roig Academy learning community. Throughout this process, we enjoy learning more about your child’s potential as well as strengths and areas of need.

You can learn more about the admissions process, as well as the cost of tuition for the Day School here. Additionally, you can learn more about the admissions process, as well as the cost of tuition for the Pre-School here.

The Roig Academy is a private school in Florida that focuses on students strengths rather than weaknesses. Our mission is to promote critical thinking and inquiry through the use of teaching practices that reflect a deeper connection and understanding of the world. Especially relevant, we aim to transform students into reflective and active participants in their local and global communities.

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